Our Executive Team
Caro Minas, Founder/President
Geotechnical Engineer

Caro Minas founded AES in 1985 after working with a number of major national and international engineering firms for 12 years. He received his BS (’75) and MS (’76) degrees in civil and geotechnical engineering, respectively, from California State University, Los Angeles. In addition to his extensive experience in California and Nevada, he has conducted major investigations for nuclear power plants, harbors, industrial complexes, and gas distribution projects in the Persian Gulf area. Today he is one of the foremost geotechnical engineers in the LA area and oversees all engineering operations at AES. In his spare time Caro likes to travel, and play tennis.

Shant Minas, PG, EG, PMP
General Manager / Engineering Geologist

Shant Minas is the principal engineering geologist and managing director of AES. As part of his tasks he oversees all field exploration, conducts detailed geologic investigations, and prepares reports and geologic maps. From the time he joined AES in 2003 he has been largely responsible for continued innovation and augmentation of AES’s growing list of services offered, including methane testing and mitigation design, percolation testing, feasibility studies and design for septic systems, water quality testing, fault studies, deputy inspection, and environmental investigations.

In addition to his primary expertise as an engineering geologist, Shant also has a broad academic as well as experiential background in environmental hydrogeology, and holds degrees in economics and financial mathematics from USC. He served honorably in the US Army with an overseas tour in Korea, and is currently the Chair of the Association of Engineering Geologists’ SoCal section. His hobbies include mountain biking, writing, and guitar.

Our Fantastic Staff
Lilian Avak

Office Manager

Lilian Avak, office manager at Applied Earth Sciences since 2012, is a TUV certified ISO 9002 (International Standard Organization for Management) auditor, and a Landmark Education graduate in the Team Management & Leadership program and the Communication courses.

Wahick (Vince) Mehrabian

Staff Geologist

Wahick (Vince) Mehrabian joined AES in 2013 as a staff geologist & AutoCAD drafter. He earned his BS in Geology in 1992 from University of Tehran. Wahick worked as a geologist in different dam construction companies back in Iran before coming to USA in 1999. He got his AS in Architectural Design from Glendale Community…

Reza Ghamsari

Senior Field Engineer

Reza has been employed as a staff engineer for AES since 1994. He received his BS degree in civil engineering from Fresno State University and holds certificates in environmental engineering. Reza is a seasoned veteran in field inspections, including grading, shoring, and deputy work. He also holds certificates in wastewater treatment, hazardous materials, and environmental…

Zareh Sarkessians


Zareh graduated with a degree in Geology in 2007 from the University of Tehran. He got his first practical experience performing geologic mapping and drafting for a large engineering/construction firm involved with dam design and investigation. He has worked at AES since 2013. in May 2014 he attended a 5-week Engineering Geology Field course with…

Beainy Minas

Administrative Assistant

Beainy Minas graduated with a B.S. in Biological Sciences from California State University, Los Angeles, in 2013. She joined the AES team in June of 2014 as an administrative assistant to Lilian Avak, while continuing her education as a Masters Student in Nutritional Sciences from her alma mater. Eve is an avid piano player, and…

Raffi Galestanian

Senior Field Technician / Laboratory Manager

Raffi came to AES in 2001 with over 20 years of drilling and construction experience with a number of large engineering and construction firms, including Halliburton and InterDrill.  At AES, Raffi manages our materials testing laboratory, and serves as a valuable mentor to staff engineers and technicians. Additionally, Raffi oversees all drilling activities, ensuring timely…

Andres “Andy” Lozano

Staff Engineer, Deputy Grading Inspector

Andres “Andy” Lozano graduated with a B.S. in Civil Engineering from California State University, Northridge in 2014. A certified E.I.T. (Engineer in Training), his interests within the field of civil engineering include Construction Management, Geotechnical, and Environmental Engineering. He recently obtained his Deputy Grading Inspector license for the Los Angeles Departmnet of Building and Safety.…

Arsham (Marshall) Hayrikian

Staff & Field Engineer, ICC Soil Inspector

Arsham (Marshall) Hayrikian graduated in Civil Engineering from California Polytechnic University, Pomona in 2012. He joined AES in the summer of 2014 as a staff and field engineer, after several years working with different-sized engineering companies, including a stint for the County of Los Angeles and private companies in Orange County and in Texas and…

Austin Mathevosian

Field Technician

Austin has worked as soil technician with AES since September 2009. in his capacity as field tech Austin takes part in drilling and sampling, monitoring well installation, field observations, field percolation testing, and as lab technician. He holds an Associates degree from Pasadena City College and a certificate in Construction Inspection, also from PCC. He…

Suresh Basnet

Design Engineer / Registered Deputy Inspector

Suresh joined the AES team in 2013, working as a designer for methane barrier, de-watering, and waterproofing systems, as well as  inspecting passive and active methane mitigation and waterproofing systems for residential, commercial, and industrial buildings. He received his Bachelor Degree in Civil Engineering from the Institution of Engineers in India, and worked at numerous…

Richard Crook, Jr., CEG

Senior Engineering Geologist

Richard Crook is a recognized veteran and one of the early pioneers of engineering geology in southern California. He has worked on major geologic investigations for the USGS and Caltech, including the Sierra Madre fault and the Santa Monica fault studies. His published maps and reports are in wide use today by practicing geologists in…